The jobs in the testing sector are certainly the most sought-after jobs as this field is required and significant in most of the industries. The common types of testing that takes place are correctness testing, black box testing, white box testing, performance testing, reliability testing and ETL testing.

  • Correctness testing makes sure that the software meets all the essential requirements that were specified.
  • Black box testing is a methodology of testing that is used to check the backend of the software. It deals with hardcore coding and the technical requirements of the software.
  • White box testing methodology involves the creation of test plans related to programming languages, styles as well as logic.
  • Performance testing checks the performance of the software and sees whether it can work with scalable data or not.
  • Reliability testing checks the robustness of the software. Security testing is to identify any flaws and loop holes in the software.
  • Amongst the different testing jobs that are available, the maximum attraction is towards ETL Testing Jobs. Jobs for ETL testing are offered in almost every industry and require great proficiency and skills. The demand is therefore quite high and the prospects of growth are also very promising.


In addition to this, there are many other types of testing jobs in the market. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

  1. Administrative Testing- This testing job is responsible for getting the things done. They take part in meetings and tracking the agreements. They are responsible for allocating the resources and updating the dashboards. They can be called as the coordinators or managers.
  2. Technical Testing– The responsibility of the technical testers is to build the tools and use them for testing. They are responsible for all the coding and work with programming languages. All technical aspects of the testing process are carried out by technical testers.
  3. Analytical Testing– The analytical testers work on models as well as calculations and logics. They are responsible to create diagrams, outlines and matrices for creating a long set of specifications. They do extensive research and comprehensive study and then gravitate to combine the results of the testing.
  4. Social Testing– The social tester is responsible for understanding the requirements of the clients and understanding the environment in which the testing takes place.
  5. User Testing– This is the type of testing that takes place from the user point of view. If the user faces any glitch or inconvenience, then the feedback is given and the developer makes the necessary changes and sends it back to the testers for testing.