Many parents are choosing private school, believing that they provide a unique learning experience to their children and is worth the financial investment. Here, we have discussed the benefits of private schools over public schools to know why private schools are better for your children.

Benefits of Private Schools

Better Academic Opportunities

Private schools provide far better and more challenging educational experience by combining classroom learning with extracurricular activities. Many of them also facilitate advanced placement courses to help students get admission in good institutes for higher education. Students studying at private accredited schools score excellent marks in standardized tests and entrance exams. These students easily get admission in the university or college of their choice after completing their schooling.

Small Class Size


Many authoritative reports state that private schools keep the small class size. It is because education experts believe that smaller the class size, the better the students perform in their academics. With smaller class strength, there is no chance for children to get lost in the shuffle, resulting in nurtured sense of community and belonging.

Private schools vary greatly in size, but the main focus is on keeping the class size small with an average student-teacher ratio of 9:1, which is 17:1 in public schools. It allows the teachers to focus on students’ weak points and advance their strengths.

Encourage Parental Involvement

One of the top benefits of private schools is that they emphasize parental involvement as a priority. These schools organize time-to-time parents-teacher meetings, social events, family trips and promote parents’ participation in fundraising activities, etc. They try to maintain a healthy communication between parents and administration.

Not only private schools encourage parental involvement, but parents of private school students are highly committed to participate in their child’s education.

Highly-Qualified and Dedicated Teachers


Dedication and qualification of the teachers are the main reasons why parents choose private schooling for their children. In the prestigious and boarding schools, instructors at these schools usually hold advanced degrees, awards, and passion in their field.

Also, since the class size is kept small in private schools, teachers are readily available to provide extra help and academic support to individual students.

On the other hand, all teachers in public school require the basic federal, state or provincial certificate to be eligible for teaching.

Academics and Accreditation

Private schools are free to develop their curricula because they don’t use public funds. This freedom is advantageous for parents and students over public school, as long as parents agree to the intellectual and philosophical basis brought to the academics and accreditation. Contrarily, public schools use a curriculum designed for all students, demanding tolerance for others.

Safe and Community Environment

Private schools are known for their high standards of discipline and respect. The administration encourages community environment, thus discouraging dangerous behavior, making it a safe educational place for children. It feels students, teachers, and parents like a big supporting, nurturing and motivating family. Former students repeatedly say that they have got lifetime friendships from their private schools. It is true at many religion-based schools such as Jewish, Islamic, Catholic private schools.

Extracurricular Activities

 While academics and accreditation remain a priority for private schools, they also encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities. These activities are related to sports, music, dance, arts, club, personality development, etc. These activities not only boost students’ creativity and confidence but also results in improved attendance. Extracurricular activities provide a break from the academics’ stresses and develop valuable social skills.

To put in a nutshell, private schools go further provincial curriculum and offer a wide range of specializations in math, science, arts, sports, etc. These institutes focus on producing the best leaders for various industries. They are also sought after by parents of children with special needs, like learning disability or behavioral issues.