Ever since Internet has become one of the essential thing for regular lifestyle, the presence of digital data everywhere, right from personal computer to wrist watch. New data are being created each and every second of the day across the world. The volume of data is getting bigger and bigger every day and there arise the fear of losing or missing it. That is why Big data comes in to deal with large volume of data that lead to efficient decision making and strategic business ideas.

Globally, the demand for skilled big data professionals is rising high.  There are various job titles associated with big data. Major roles are Big Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer and Data Science. This is the right time for young graduates and experienced professionals to consider Big Data Technology and begin or switch their career to it.

We all know data is raw and unorganized that need to be processed to extract information. Big Data analyst is the process to discover pattern and useful valid information from the raw data through organizing and analysis. Data mining, data analysis, data forecasting and data optimization are some essential tasks to perform across huge volume of data to find the relevant results. Gaming, health care and Global Positioning System are some filed where big data analyst plays a major role.

Data Science is research and analysis of data to improve growth and to find out business insight from complex problem. It applies a lot of theories and techniques to extract knowledge from complex set of data to find out structured and unstructured data. It more involves with mathematical expertise, statistics, advanced algorithm and machine learning principle.

Data Engineering is process of gathering data, processing it and sends to Data Scientist through server Application Program Interface (API). Data engineers collaborate with data architects and mostly deal with databases and data warehouse they perform mining, logging, monitoring, cleaning etc. for analytical and operational purpose.

The Primary and most popular Big Data technology is Apache Hadoop, anybody who wants to make their career in Big Data must to learn and have deep skill in Hadoop. Learning Hadoop makes ease to learn other available platform. The other commonly using Big Data Technologies are Apache Spark, Hive, PIG, Wibi, Platfora etc.  The other required essential skills are knowledge in programming languages and tools like C++, Java, Python, R, SQL and relational databases, NoSQL databases and Machine Learning.  Though Big data is advanced technology, it cannot eliminate human skills, it’s all about blending technical skills with business skills.

Fresh graduates after UG/PG can take additional training courses like Big Data Training Chennai to enhance their professional skill. These training program helps them to experience real world problems in practical exposure and skills to find solution. Experienced professional who willing to career advancement switch can take additional training courses to have hands on experience and become expert. This additional Big Data Certification guides you right direction and also increase the salary.