Cloud computing is a computing service provided through internet, the computer hardware and software resources made available on internet. At present, cloud computing services are widely in use by the people, email and social network services tops among all. The top benefits of cloud services are low cost, global scale, integrated storage and high flexibility. Here we see some of best use of cloud computing.

After the development of smart phones, smart gadgets and high-speed internet services, people consume a lot of storage for their personal files in image, video and audio data. Local storage could not accommodate ever increasing volume of data, increasing local storage is not less expensive and in case of storage failure, the recovery of data turns out to be complex and sometimes impossible. That is why Cloud Storage has become very useful. It cost effective to utilize for personal as well as professional purpose. It allows user to store their files online and access them from anywhere, anytime through internet. Though many cloud service providers provide enough storage space for personal use, the capacity of cloud storage can be expanded as per user need, it cost inexpensive on monthly or yearly subscription basis. Some of famous cloud storage services are Google drive, drop box and we share. It also provides high security and privacy concern on user’s data. Additional back up service also available.

Automated process is another big benefit from cloud service. Most of the software process go seamless in a fraction of seconds. User no need to worry about software updates, the provider take care of all hardware and software maintenance. Cloud Computing supports collaborative work flow by sharing work files from anywhere without any restriction by devices. Nowadays many creative professionals like editors, graphic designers work online and share their project with their colleagues. They have online library as well to share their materials and works and get suggestion from friends and colleagues. Audio and Video playback and online gaming are other worldwide commonly using cloud service. Music lovers and visual enthusiast are able to access and share their favorite contents through YouTube, vimeo etc. Overall, the most use of cloud computing social networking websites like Facebook, twitter etc.

Cloud computing is now becoming a business standard that will make life easier for people in organizations dealing with huge amounts of data and information. As the international cloud computing market is on steady growth, the demand for professional and skilled Cloud computing jobs are on the rise. There is no specific qualification required to learn Cloud Computing. Basic knowledge of cloud computing or any relevant experience could be a great add on to get a job. Cloud computing comprises of several roles. These could be related to management, IT systems, end user support, application development, business analysis, network, security and web development. Interested graduates can take additional courses on cloud computing like cloud certification in Chennai to gain more knowledge and practical experience to get into the business.