Students of middle and high schools in New York State take regents exams each year in June.  These exams check the students whether they have specific standard to take admission in a high school diploma. Students and parents make struggles to pass these exams. But they know the importance of these regents’ exams.

In student educational carrier, regent exams mark a big milestone. These exams are designed keeping in mind two goals.

Students achieve grades from third to eight annually, NYS regent exams show clear feedback to high schoolers.  Educators and families can easily know whether the student has ability to get success in the next steps of his educational life. Four subjects are examined in the regent exams which are math, English, Science and social studies.  To get the Regents diploma, students must pass 22 credits in these courses and must get 65 or above scores in minimum 5 regent exams.

Students may require taking Regents exams as soon as middle school. Students also have the chances to reappear in the exams, if they do not attain a passing score of sixty five or above.

In addition to showing feedback on their academic achievements, regents exams describe the importance of schools and teachers in the student performance.  Test results for these exams are written on annual school report cards. These results help highlighting the best performance schools that all of their students may get success in these exams.

All public schools in NYS are needed to follow the regents exams. Many private schools need to take the Regents exams their student, though all those schools are not participating in the system.

If you are keen to get high marks in these exams, you need to make preparations online test prep for Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2 Regents.  With the help of online videos,you can easily understand the paper pattern and question types.  You can easily understand your weakness and strength in each topic easily.