If you enjoy touring new homes on the market, negotiating for the best deals, and helping people make their dreams come true, a career as a real estate agent will be perfect for you. After you have fulfilled the education requirements and obtained your license, you can start selling homes to clients and helping them find properties for sale in your area. Here are some more details about the steps that you will need to take to become a successful real estate agent.


Realtors who want to get ahead in the industry should attend schools offering courses that cover everything there is to know about buying and selling a home. You can enroll in courses that provide in-depth information on home appraisals, inspections and mortgage lending. An accredited Realtor school in your area may also have courses that cover property and association management and details about timeshares.


Obtaining a license to buy and sell homes can be done through your state’s real estate division. Each state has its own set of requirements and testing standards. Getting a Nevada real estate license, for example, involves submitted two fingerprint cards along with proof that you have completed 90 hours of pre-licensing education. You should also expect to pay an application fee to the real estate division.

Independent vs. Partner

As a new agent, your state may require you to partner with a registered broker for the first two years after you start working. After this period, you can choose to stay partnered or venture out on your own as an independent agent. If you choose the independent route, you will need to start your own agency and handle all your marketing campaigns on your own.

Getting Clients

You will want to generate buzz about your profession so that new clients will want to hire you. You should develop a contact list of prospective clients’ names that you receive through referrals and networking. You can host events in your area that attract interested home buyers and sellers who want to learn more about what you offer. Social media should also be used to market yourself to the masses.

Following these steps will help you become a successful real estate agent with a solid client base. If you go through the process in an orderly fashion and learn as much information as you can along the way, you will be able to set yourself apart from other agents in the market when you start working.