Getting your Florida real estate license is not hard to do.  Especially since there are so many convenient and affordable online courses that help you with your pre-licensing education and prepare you to pass the real exam the first time.

However, what to do after you have received your Florida license might be a little more challenging.  After all, you have the option to start your own agency, stay a one-man show, or work for an established agency that has a reputation for securing sales.

For those interested in starting out in a reputable real estate agency after becoming licensed to sell real estate in Florida, read on to find out some of the top agencies you can work for starting this New Year.

Top Real Estate Companies in Florida

If you need help deciding which real estate brokerage to work for this upcoming year, check out these top choices.  All of them come with high success rates, a variety of team sizes, and give you the freedom to sell Florida real estate in the regions you are most interested in.

1. Keller Williams

Keller Williams places its focus on helping real estate agents build their business.  Because of this success, Keller Williams benefits and continues to grow as well.

With over 139,000 associates, and 790 market centers across the globe (including those in Florida), this is just the type of agency a new agent might consider working for.  After all, Keller Williams dedicates their resources to agents and helps them grow from the ground up.

2. ERA

Though not one of the most well-known agencies around, ERA has a high track record for success.  Built around the concept of collaboration, ERA believes that working together can create a solid group of professional real estate agents, no matter the region.

Local neighborhood experience and up-to-date technology use, this is a great place to build a strong foundation of clientele in the competitive Florida landscape.

3. Century 21

Century 21 is a large company made up of independently owned and operated franchised brokerage offices across the world.  They aid agents with things like branding, marketing, communication, and innovative uses of technology so you can attract the right kinds of buyers and sellers.

Their entire goal is to allow you to grow as a real estate agent, while nurturing positive buying and selling experiences with customers.

4. Coldwell Banker

Coldwell banker is great because it covers all of Florida, so matter where you live there is the possibility of becoming one of their real estate agents.

At Coldwell Banker, they foster your sense of independence as a real estate agent, while also providing the much-needed support to grow your career.

5. Prudential Star

Prudential Star is the type of agency that focuses on customer satisfaction.  This is good to know because as a new real estate agent in Florida, you will want to associate yourself with a company that strives to provide the best experience for those on either end of a sale.

In the end, no matter which direction you want to take your newfound Florida real estate career, it is good to know there are options and that the possibility of having a financially successful 2018 is possible.