In the August 2016, Magic Quadrant from Gartner selected Microsoft Azure as the leader of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) industry. As per reports, around 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are now being reported using the cloud services which are provided by MS Azure 2016. Some of the known companies and groups that are seen using Azure for cloud computing including SAP, Oracle, NBC News Channel, Rolls-Royce, GE healthcare and BMW to name a few. This speaks a lot about the IT professionals with Azure training and certification. One of the key reasons of choosing Azure is its effective management of physical servers and data centres over the cloud. Hence we can therefore find Azure Training & certification is growing with the passing days. At this juncture, it is interesting to catch the way Microsoft Azure has been trending last year.

Azure supports up to 32 TB for the SAP HANA database server

The software giant called Microsoft has built up a good working partnership with SAP, which has further offered an enterprise-proven platform for managing and executing the SAP resources. Whether you are working in a development or found in a testing environment, with Microsoft Azure 2016, the users can now reap a number of benefits of high scalability and thus reduce the costs over the SAP HANA workloads. Soon in November 2016, the software giant -Microsoft was seen announcing up to 32 TB storage for SAP HANA tuned Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) software programs and up to 4 TB for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) programs. Hence a number of developers & testing engineers will enjoy good amount of flexibility and power in order to work on a number of software applications that need a huge amount of volume of data found in the real-time scenarios.

Microsoft announces availability of Azure N-Series

With the increasingly pragmatic customer feedback regarding the Azure Virtual Machine Series, including A, D, Dv2, F, G, and H, one can find the Microsoft Azure being ready for the December 2016 global release of its N-Series. You can find the Azure N-Series offering the virtual machines along with the Graphics Processing Unit capabilities, which features the NVIDIA® platform. In order to meet the fast-growing demands, the workloads and data centers are supposed to be armed for handling the artificial intelligence, along with other things like remote and 3D visualization, graphics rendering and advanced research, to name a few. One can find the Azure N-Series giving you the power to drive the high-performance computing required for in-depth medical research along with the learning and training models, which are GPU enabled, and many more things.

Microsoft Hybrid Use Benefit is very much cost effective

Buying the cloud computing services for a number of top enterprises is often a costly affair. In order to mitigate this cost burden, the software giant called Microsoft has introduced the MS Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB). Seeking the help of this, more and more customers are using their on-premises Windows server license (with software assurance) for working with MS Azure. So, with AHUB, the users can save up to 44 percent of their annual expense on a single virtual machine.