If you are looking to get away from the hustle of Los Angeles, without moving too far away, Ojai, California may be just the place you are looking for.


A mere 90 miles away from the bustling city of L.A., Ojai is located in Ventura County, boasts a median income of $61,192, and is populated with a little over 7,000 residents.


However, there is much more to this oasis of peace.


That’s why we are sharing with you the wonderful things Ojai has to offer those who want more peace in their lives.


1. Healthy Real Estate

California is known for being one of the most expensive places to live in the country.  And, with a median home price of a half a million dollars, you might think to live in Ojai is out of the question.


However, for those looking to rent a modest one-bedroom apartment, you can do so in Ojai for approximately $1,200.


Which isn’t to say that’s not a lot.  But it sure beats the prices in more populated places such as San Jose or San Francisco.


2. Thriving Business

Despite being a somewhat small place to live, Ojai has a thriving business sector offering people plenty of opportunities to make a viable wage.


Look at Ojai’s most common occupations:

  • Management
  • Business
  • Science and arts
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Sales and office
  • Service
  • Education


Having a secure job is essential no matter where you live.  Luckily, Ojai’s diversity lends a hand to a thriving business community.


3. High-Quality Schools

If you have a family and are looking to lay down some roots in the Ojai Valley, considering what the school system is like is key.


Most notable in Ojai is the availability of private schools.  In fact, if you are looking for a high-quality Southern California boarding school for your teen to attend when the time is right, Ojai has a few options for you.


For example, Besant Hill School, sitting on 500 rolling acres of beauty, and boasting small enrollment numbers, a diverse student body, and a focus on experiential learning and the arts, is one of the best schools your high schooler can attend while residing in Ojai Valley.


4. Plenty to Do

There is never a shortage of things to do while living in Ojai, California, especially if you love the outdoors.


That said, here are some of the best things you and your family can do while living in Ojai:


  • Bart’s Books.  For book lovers, Bart’s Books is the place to be.  Carrying both new and used books of all genres, there is something for everyone in this unique bookstore.
  • Ojai Olive Oil Co.  Having some of the best olive trees in all the land, Ojai’s Olive Oil Co. is open to the public so you can buy some of the freshest, best tasting olive oil there is.
  • Meditation Mount.  This public meditation center is open to everyone during operating hours.  Enjoy the meditation room, walking meditations, and even a monthly full moon meditation dedicated to sending blessings out into the world.
  • Ojai Valley Trail.  Go hiking, bike riding, horseback riding, and running on this beautiful 9-mile stretch of trail that provides you stunning views of the Ojai Valley and the place you now call home.
  • Ojai Music Festival.  Every year since 1947 Ojai has put on a spectacular show highlighting a different musical theme.  Since a new music director takes charge every single year, you are guaranteed to see something new every year.


As you can see, making move to the seemingly quiet corner of California, and enjoying the beautiful scenery that has yet to become overwhelmed with skyscrapers and traffic, may be just what you and your family are looking for.


So, take a look for yourself and see if Ojai, California is your next home sweet home.