We all know education is expensive, and it can make school a tedious chore when you’re scrimping to get by because of the cost of tuition. While there’s no way to make your classes shorter, there are ways you can save time while taking them. If you save money on other things it can be a means to affording an extra class to your schedule, which will shorten the time it takes to get your degree. Here are some more tips on saving time and money during college:

Look at online schools. While the semester time is the same there’s no transportation time and costs involved, and you can study around your work schedule.

Apply for scholarships and grants. Sign up for a couple of scholarship websites and set aside an hour a week to apply for one or more that you think you qualify for. Even small grants help a lot because that can be your spending money for the semester.

Get organized. Think about how much time you waste looking for something you didn’t put away, or chatting with friends on your phone app. Cut back on unnecessary messages and wean yourself off social media.

Look for online deals and discounts. Often you can find used textbooks at a fraction of the cost of new, and many are now available in ebook format. Look for Groupon discounts and coupons for popular sites such as Shutterfly before you buy; the key here is to check the app before you make the purchase. Thousands of businesses use the site to reach their customer base and you should be taking advantage of their marketing strategy.

Cut back on your food bill. Stop eating out and ordering takeout when you’re too busy to cook; instead when you do cook make twice as much as you need and freeze the extra portion. That way when you run short on time you can easily heat a meal, which will save you both time and money.

The main thing to remember is to get organized and to think twice before you shop. With a bit of planning you can make it through school and be in your career before you know it!