Helping your child achieve academic success 


The academic success of your child depends on a variety of factors. These range from the quality of teaching in a school, the teacher and access to resources that deem necessary. But the main one to remember is that the base of academic success comes directly from the decisions you make as a parent for your child. Lack of parental involvement is common and this can be for many reasons such as not understanding how to help with homework. However, aiding your child does not mean you’ve got to know their curriculum inside out. There are actually many ways to support your child when it comes to their education. Read on to find out more.  

Create a structures routine. Children need to have specific times set into place to complete their schoolwork. Given that technology has become an addictive piece of work that can take up a lot of time, it can be hard to drag your child away and have their mind focused on work. Create a space away from noise and heavy distractions that is designed specifically for studying. Plan that around a time that is flexible for you too so that you are able to give them your attention if they need you for help. Sometimes just knowing you’re there on standby is supportive enough. Ensure this space is respected as a studying area only. This will teach your child to value the time they spend completing their homework as well as gaining the skills to respect their place. Install a bulletin board and ensure all the tools needed are nearby so they don’t have to get up multiple times during studies.

Ensure rules and rewards are set into place when your child studies. Leisurely activities can be a reward for completing studies efficiently and reducing time on devices and luxuries can be a consequence. Children need to be taught the value of learning and how important it is so discipline should also be taught alongside.

Don’t forget to help them aim high! Put heavy amounts of pressure is not the way to go, but pushing them to do better is always a good way to help your child achieve academic success. Sit down with them and look at their current grades. If it is a B, encourage them to work hard for an A. Don’t belittle their efforts as this will do the opposite of helping but rather show them that they are capable of so much and how far it’ll take them once they achieve it. 

What remains most important is your approach and the efforts you put in when it comes to your child progressing. Forcing and pushing is never the answer and almost always has a negative effect. Positive reinforcement and being genuinely interested in your child and what’s best for them is the way forward. Not only will this create a great bond with your child but help promote long-term success as well.