How do my child’s lifestyle choices affect their education?


Choices in life lead to the path created for the future you end up leading. Sounds pretty simple but it can be one bad choice that leads to being led astray. This applies heavily when it comes to children and the lifestyle choices they make when it comes to their education. There are many factors that contribute to good performance in schools such as a positive attitude and hard work. A poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise will lead to an underperforming individual with higher levels of stress. Parents must do their best to introduce healthy lifestyle choices to their children’s lives so they become habitual. Here are some tips from a boarding school in Kent on how to get started. 


Diet plays a huge role when it comes to the body and mind functioning well. Starting the day off in the right way makes a huge difference to concentration and energy levels. A good breakfast full of food with nutrients will allow your child to maintain energy throughout the day. Starting the morning off with food high in sugar content will temporarily boost your child’s energy levels and have them crashing by mid-morning causing them to feel lethargic and unable to concentrate. 


Exercise benefits the mind as well as the body. It enhances memory and attention and is a great way to reduce stress levels which are common amongst students. If you feel your child isn’t getting enough aerobic movement, consider going on regular walks with them or enrolling them on extracurricular such as football or dance to keep them moving regularly.


Lack of sleep or too much of it has negative effects when it comes to concentration levels. Parts of the brain that are responsible for problem-solving are weakened when the body hasn’t got enough sleep. Try and set a bedtime for your child and encourage them to follow the routine. Try and keep screen time to a minimum especially in the evenings as they don’t allow the brain to wind down and will keep your child up till all hours of the night. 

Lifestyle choices make the most difference when it comes to your child and their learning so make the change today!