Office Stationeries are essentials needed for effective execution of day to day work activities in an office. Office Stationeries are items that cannot be overlooked when shopping for office needs this is because these supplies are used to either make our work faster, easier, neater, organized and coordinated.

Usually, there is a need for a stationary cupboard and filing cabinets in bigger office space where the supplies are neatly arranged for easy access of items. Apart from easy retrieval, it also helps with ambience.

Stationary supplies are in two categories which are the:

Expendable: Items that are mostly in use and are exhausted over a short period of time. They are items that cannot be reused. These items includes Pins, papers, Erasers, Correction fluid, glue, permanent maker, plain papers (printing papers) etc.

Durables: These are items that remain in shape no matter how constantly they are in use. These items can be in use over a long period of time. Office stationeries in this category includes:

Stapler, Punching machines(perforator), Ruler, Pencil sharpener, mechanical pencil and spare leads, art book, plastic pockets, folder dividers, hanging files, calendars, scissors, tape dispenser, waste basket, etc.

Other Office Stationary Supplies

Pen and pencils (which comes in different colors) are used for writing

Highlighter: can be used in reinforcing ideas you want to remember in a document

Colored maker: For writing or drawing outlines

Correction tape: This is a white tape placed against papers to blank out a mistake. This unlike the correction fluid doesn’t need time to dry.

Note books: For writing and keeping information and memoranda

Paper clips: These are small folded plastic or wire device used in holding papers together.

Calculator: This is an electronic or mechanical device which is used for calculations.

Bulldog Clips: Used for holding things together or pinning of items to a spot.

Glue: These are adhesive solutions used for sticking things together.

Whiteboard eraser: Used for whipping off the surface of a whiteboard after use.

Index cards: The index paper is a heavy paper used to record information to be stored in an index.

Postage stamps: This is a small piece of printed paper which is glued to an item which is to be sent out for mailing.

Envelopes: These are enclosed papers used for mailing letters or flat items.

Rubber stamp: This is a piece of rubber carved with a text for transferring ink or a design to be imprinted on a letter or document as a sign of confirmation.

Sticky notes: These are small pieces of papers with a gluey top that can be moved from one place to another. They are used in the office as a reminder i.e. to note events and dates.

Drawing pin: This is another important office stationary used for holding a piece of paper or cardboard to a drawing board

Label: Little pieces information about an item or office files are noted on a label

We also have the mechanical or electrical types of office supplies which functions as equipments used for computing and storing of small and large information like the computer. Other electronic office supplies include: keyboard, fax, filling cabinet or tray, printer, laminator.

Lastly for an office to function accurately there has to be a desk and the swivel chair for comfort.