Be A Great Help for the Disables and Children


People with disabilities may need support from other people to lead a normal life. Support needs can be physical or mental, that could be provided only by trained and qualified professionals.

Disability cert 4 is a government authorised accreditation required to perform jobs involved in supporting people with disabilities. People completing the course obtain a nationally recognised qualification and are trained for a career in the disability health care sector. 

Different employment roles performed after successful completion of the course could be

– Resident care support

– Community centre support staff

– Disability health care worker

The job of assisting for the disabled can be performed independently or as part of a team or in the role of a leader. One can also be leading or coordinating a team of workers who are employed for providing disability support to inmates of an organisation. 

A lot of aged people often require disability care and support at residence or community centres. Working in the field of disability support for the aged and needy gives a chance to empower lives and make them independent. 

Similar to disability support or care for the aged, assisting in childhood for infants and young kids is another career opportunity to influence and develop the life of small children. 

To become a childhood education and care professional also requires specific training and accreditation which is obtained after successful completion of acert 3 childcare course. The certification allows people to work as childcare support staff in hospitals, community centres, daycare centres, schools and residences. 

One can develop skills in below areas of childhood education and care by attending the course

– Interaction and mingling with children

– Take care needs of toddlers, infants and small kids

– Nutrition, diet, health and safety of children

Demand for childcare professions is always on the rise and expected to grow in future. 

The Aspect of education involved makes the profession wonderful as it influences the development of knowledge and skills starting from childhood. One also gets the opportunity to inspire and motivate right from childhood and provide a meaningful direction to life.