Should I encourage my child to learn an instrument?


Does your child enjoy music? When it comes to learning a new instrument, it can be hard to choose which one your child should dedicate their time and efforts to. Learning an instrument comes with many benefits and is something that should be encouraged. Is your child showing signs of wanting to learn a musical instrument? Are you stuck on if you think they are ready or not? Below is a guide advised by a private boys school in Hampstead on encouraging your child to learn a new instrument.

Learning a new instrument will benefit your child in more ways than one. Picking up a new instrument to learn professionally will allow your child to improve their self-esteem. This will be through performing in front of teachers, crowds and family members to show off their brand-new skill. It will help them feel a sense of pride and achievement. The positive feedback will help boost their confidence and motivate them to persevere.

They will learn vital time management skills. Learning a new instrument is usually done outside of school hours which means they will have to learn to prioritise these activities over spending time with their friends.

It looks great on CV’s when it comes to applying to universities and jobs. Those at the top tend to look for those who spent time in their lives to perfect a hobby or a skill as it shows hard work. Your child will be able to say they persevered and allowed their passion to drive them.

With these benefits in mind, it is safe to say that learning a new instrument will be a great new addition to your child’s life. Remember not to force your child into taking on this extracurricular. It takes a lot of time and effort so ensure they can manage the workload before moving forward.