Top tips for helping your child with science


As a parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure your child has a smooth sailing academic experience. However, it is inevitable that your child may face trials in school when it comes to their curriculum and will need support when it comes to certain subjects. Science tends to be an area that a lot of youngsters struggle with. The good news is, there is plenty that can be done at home to help your child strengthen their science skills. This will have a major impact on their development at school. If you are interested in ways to support your child with their science, continue reading.

Value the questions your child asks you. It can be easy to respond to your child with mundane answers when they reach the stage where they ask questions constantly as we’re human and repetitiveness can get tiring. However, if you ever notice your child asking a question that is quite different, think about how you respond to it. ‘Mummy the sun has been following us’ can be a way to include a scientific response to your child’s queries. Not only will you answer their question, but have them thirsty for more.

Explore together. You don’t have to always answer your child’s questions for them. Show them that there are other ways to gather answers to their questions. Don’t forget to ask them what their opinion is and if they would like to search for the answers together.

Give them the time and space to explore. Trial and error are the best way to learn science. Allow them to get messy and experiment with different things from time to time. Don’t feel the need to correct them straight away, let them figure out the solution. Through this you may find you have a little scientist on your hands!