Understanding your child’s learning style


When it comes to learning, there is no one size fits all method. Sadly, this is the expectation for most students as it can be difficult to give one-to-one attention in a full class of 30. However, the style of learning that your child is taught in could be the reason they are performing well in class or falling behind entirely. There are 4 learning styles that every parent should be aware of as this will ensure your child is learning in a way that suits them best. Below are the four core learning styles in more detail.

Visual. Visual learners learn best by seeing their work in front of them. They are able to retain information better when learning using tools such as charts, diagrams, symbols, pictures and more. Visual learners thrive through this style of learning and work alongside those with photographic memory.

Auditory. These types of learners prefer to learn by listening to the information that they need to pick up. Getting content delivered verbally is essential to these types of learners. Working in groups where presentations and reading out loud are required can be enjoyable for these individuals.

Reading and writing. These learners choose to focus on writing down their content and reading in order to retain information better. Worksheets, presentations and text heavy resources are this learner’s bread and butter. You’ll also find these learners take notes quite regularly.

Kinaesthetic. Kinaesthetic learners take a different approach to learning entirely. They are hands on and prefer to engage with their senses. In school, these types of learners enjoy coursework and practical tasks. Scientific students in particular tend to lean towards this type of learning.

In order for your child to reach their full potential with their learning, it is important to pinpoint the correct learning style for them. The right one could change their academic journey forever.