Top tips for choosing a school for your child


Choosing the right school for your child can be both daunting as well as exciting. Whether it’s your child’s first-ever school or just a change to a different one, the final decision made is still important. There are many things to consider such as location, teachers and what the school as a whole can offer to your child. Here are some top tips from a private school in Surrey on choosing a school for your child.

Prepare yourself. To find the right school, a good amount of research and time is needed. Start looking at local options a couple of years ahead of when it comes to applying. Attend open days to get a good feel of what the school is like and what it has on offer. This is also a great way to get to know the teachers and importantly the headteacher. It is an opportunity to ask important questions that may not be answered online. Question if you think the setting is right for your child and any concerns you may have. Make a mental note and use it to eliminate any schools you believe aren’t right for your child. 

Do some research online. One of the main reasons schools are chosen is due to the high volume of students that leave with an impeccable level of education. Check for Ofsted reviews as well as ratings on google. Look through school guides of success rates and move forward from there. 

Is it convenient? Many students travel alone to and from school so consider if there is a bus stop close by that will safely pick up and drop off your child. If you plan on taking them yourself, will the commute suit your lifestyle? Can carpooling be done? It is important to consider extracurriculars as well as they are beneficial for the long run. 

Trust your instincts. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a perfect school. however, it is possible to find a school that will do its best to cater to your child’s needs. No decision is irreversible, if you or your child change their mind later, it is okay to choose somewhere else. Keep your mind open and trust your gut!