Why Is A Scientific Issue So Important?


Each scientific work, normally, has a background, which makes all the sense of it. There is usually some kind of contrast of opinions, or a topic that touched the author personally, or just a loud public topic – all this can be called “the problem”.

So what is the issue in research work?

In this context, the problem is a certain discrepancy between our knowledge about the object and the generally accepted information about it. This is a kind of paradox, a contradiction in understanding when meanings and their interpretations do not coincide.

It occurs when the researcher is faced with an obstacle that he cannot easily overcome or get around. The author has to take certain actions that will help find a way to resolve these inconsistencies.

What issue is suitable for the research work?

The choice of the research problem is primarily based on its relevance, defining how much the proposed research will facilitate the implementation of practical tasks.

Why do scientists need a problem in the text?

The problems are divided into their constituent components – topics. The topic is usually covering one or more research questions, which allows you to consider it in detail and draw a conclusion at the end of the research.

The problem in this kind of paper serves the hook function. Every author wants his research paper to become not just another article “on an important social topic,” but to give a new turn of thought to the object or phenomenon under study, or, at least, to show the author’s exclusive attitude towards it.

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