10 great topics for your Finance Dissertation writing


If you are one of those dreamers who dreamt of pursuing higher education (Mphil/Ph.D) from any prestigious university so you might be the one who is searching for some amazing topics to research. You must be wondering why there is a need to search for an interesting topic. As you know very well that nowadays the world revolves around the internet. Hence everyone is aware of the financial bustling (activities) around them. Thus you need to make sure that your Dissertation proposal topic must be unique and authentic

How you can find a good topic

There are many options available today through which you can pick up a good topic. You can search the internet, read books, articles, journals as much as you can to prepare a list of potentials topics for research. There are some leading journals for finance such as Wiley Online Library, Indian Journal of Finance, Elsevire (Global Finance Journal), and International Journal of Financial Studies. You can go through these journals to read good articles and search for the unexplored field. You can also search online libraries provided by the Government of India like Public Finance India (www.publicfinance.in) which will help you getting year-wise reports and budgets of state and municipal government. This online library also includes Audit reports, Economic Survey reports, and Macromoney research reports which will help you in understanding the policies of the government in a better way. You can also look for matters from other libraries such as the National Library of India, Libraries & Manuscript open by the Indian Government to help students pursuing higher education. You can also take Dissertation Writing Help from writers to give you some ideas about your Dissertation Proposal.

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10 great topics for your Finance Dissertation writing

1)Financial advancement in India – India has made substantial economic progress over the past few decades. India can play a lead role in reducing poverty all over the world. Hence financial advancement in India could be a good topic for your Dissertation Proposal.

2) Development of Micro Finance in the International Market – The role of Micro Finance companies cannot be neglected. Their goal is to provide opportunities for low-income borrowers to become self-sufficient by providing them micro insurances. Thus they play a key role in the International Market. This could be a booming sector on which you can conduct your research.

3) Mutual Funds: How they are popular in the US – The topic of mutual funds is not new but their variation and modification has changed over time. They have emerged as a popular investment choice in the US. You can write upon the risk reduction, fair pricing, and points regarding its potential for management.

4) Analysing the financial crisis of 2019 – Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 there is a financial crisis all over the world hence this be a great topic for writing a Dissertation Proposal.

5) Significance of Crypto currency – You can write on how crypto currency can be proved as a digital asset and medium of exchange to buys goods and services all over the world.

6) Innovation in Indian Banking System – The banking system has improved its traditional way of communication. Now many private banks have merged into government banks to work efficiently and as a more organized system. Thus this could be a potential topic for your dissertation research proposal.

7) Impact of Brexit on US Banking System – The financial services institutions of the UK and Europe has to bear the consequence of Brexit. They bear the brunt of the financial crisis in commercial real estate, banking, and capital markets. Hence this topic is widely researched but you can choose the aspects which are lacking in those research.

8) Risks of Modern Banking System – You can work on the risks faced by the bank which include operational, market, credit, and liquidity risk.

9) Internet Banking: Pros and Cons – Almost all the banks today offer Internet Banking. You can research how Internet Banking changes the traditional banking system. No doubt Internet Banking is fast and efficient but it carries risks of fraud and deceit.

10) How Micro Financing is empowering Women – As the empowerment of women is a major issue. You can choose your Dissertation Research topic on how micro-financing is empowering women across the world.

These are the potential topics on which you can write your dissertation proposal. If you want any Dissertation Writing Help you can take help from our Dissertation Writing Service at “Myessayassigment”. We provide experts to give you better ideas about writing your Dissertation Proposal.