College Scholarship Plan Of Attack


With the amount you pay for a college education continuing to rise and the total student debt continuing to grow, scholarships can offer a lot of assistance to incoming college students. Scholarships are awarded by various institutions and associations, including the government. Here are some basic tips to help you win a college scholarship.

When you’re submitting many scholarships at the same time, it can get pretty confusing and its easy to mix up the deadlines. A simple way to bypass this and stay on track is by using a planner, calendar or spreadsheet to keep all your scholarship information in order. If you choose to use a spreadsheet, include important information like the name and link to the reward, it’s value, the submission deadline, and any specific requirements within the spreadsheet. You can even send your family the file to keep them informed on your application process.

It is crucial to keep all the materials you use for filling out applications. This will make the process a lot easier if you decide to submit more applications down the line. Specific items you might want to keep record of include your resume, cover letters, transcripts, personal essays and letters of recommendation from friends and family.

The final step before submitting the application, is to critique and edit all your responses. Use a spell check application on your writing or ask someone you trust to help you out and offer feedback. For more ideas on how to prepare, organize, search and apply for college scholarships, see the accompanying infographic.