What is GEOQ Electrical Leak Detection?


GEOQ electrical leak detection is a necessary tool in obtaining construction quality assurance in projects like lined water contaminants, and landfill applications. With the use of a state-of-the-art system in locating any perforating damage to the geomembrane, electrical leak detection becomes cost-effective and efficient.

Using leak detection system from the US, GEOQ can detect and monitor electrical leak detection by following the ASTM standards: They include a Standard Guide for Selection of Techniques for Electrical Detection of Potential Leak Paths in Geomembranes;  Standard Practice for Leak Location on Exposed Geomembranes Using the Water Lance System and Soil Covered Geomembrane.

Electrical leak detection is followed by the submission of the technical team’s comprehensive reports detailing even minute holes in the project using our engineering department’s data analysis software. This method provides our client visual representation of the area being surveyed. With this skill under its belt, the engineering department is equipped to travel to any location within Australia and overseas to spearhead any electrical leak detection task.

The team assumes that there may be two to five leaks per hectare. This kind of leak is defined as a tiny hole, the size of a few millimeters which if not detected can cause damage to the installation. GEOQ workers are doing their best to identify the leak and perform a quick repair. Designers of geomembrane-line containment facilities try to work on the containment line area with excellence. Further, the walkover survey or manual survey can only detect the perforating damage before the tipping of waste. Others contend that this manual evaluation of damage may not be enough to determine the lifespan of the geomembrane. It may also miss small hidden defects of the material that can cause further damage if not identified early. Instead of speedy electrical leak detection, manually doing it takes more time, effort, and money. To avoid hassles at work, a solid electrical leak detection system is suggested.

All in all, GEOQ electrical leak detection is a very important aspect of installing geomembranes. The long-term integrity of the installation depends primarily on the careful planning, installation, management, and operation of the project. Manual identification of any damage is highly appreciated but a system that can identify a minute problem is recommended to avoid further damages and cost. Hence, GEOQ electrical leak detection must be taken seriously by the organization.