What are the skills that are required to become a good lawyer?


As a successful lawyer, you must be orally articulate and should possess good writing communication skills. Like there is no shortcut to succeed in life, there is no shortcut to become a good lawyer. However, if you concentrate on building your essential skills, no one can stop you from becoming a successful attorney.

Primary skills such as reasoning and oratory skills are imperative for the overall success of a lawyer. Always remember that being a lawyer can be a gratifying job, both personally and financially. As a lawyer, you would always want to win cases on behalf of your clients. But for that, you have to be skilled. A majority of prestigious LLB colleges in Maharashtra give due preference to the development of these skills in law students.

Good Communication Skills

You should have flawless and convincing communication skills so that your views always gain a weightage in front of the juries and judges. One cannot deny the importance of good public speaking in a court. In many cases, good oratory skills have made many clients win cases. Note that you can always work on your communication skills during your studies.

In case your college has moot courts, you can opt to develop your skills there. What’s more, lawyers should also be able to write persuasively and legibly for a wide variety of legal documents. Also, it is important for lawyers to have good listening skills. Without listening properly, one cannot reciprocate and argue  efficiently.

Analytical Skills

Both the study and practice of law involves absorbing large quantities of information and knowledge related to the law. What’s more, at times, there would be more than one conclusion that can make life tough. That’s why, as a lawyer, it is important that you possess good evaluation and assessment skills. A lawyer should be able to evaluate the situation in a proper manner too. The ability to select the important conclusion  sets apart a successful lawyer from others.

Association with People

Always be mindful of the fact that law is not an abstract practice. At the end of the day, it is the people for whom you are working. In simple words, you always have to collaborate with certain types of people. Some may be willing to share their views, and others may be introverted. If you want to be successful, you have to communicate and bond effectively with all varieties of people. Thus building your people to people contact skill is also a great parameter of success as a lawyer.


If you think creativity is only associated with arts, you are wrong. Lawyers also need to be creative if they want to be successful in their career. Great lawyers are always creative in their problem-solving approach. Thinking out of the box would enable you to win the case on behalf of the clients. The reputed BBA LLB colleges in Mumbai help budding lawyers to unleash their creativity.

So as you can see, there exists a variety of skills that are required to become a good lawyer. Developing these skills will pave the way to becoming a successful lawyer.