Pegasus International Preschool: A Lifelong Learning Preschool in Singapore


Kids are young explorers. As soon as they start to speak or walk, they start becoming curious. From the time they become interactive with their surroundings, they learn how to adapt and express themselves.

Hence, enrolling in a pre-school will not only help your child to prepare academically for their formal primary education. Doing so can also help them unleash their potential and holistically develop their talents and skills. Harnessing them through creative and child-friendly approaches can help them grasp things surely and make them responsible individuals in the future.

What is a Pre-School? 

A pre-school, commonly known as nursery school, is an educational institution that offers young kids early childhood learning space. Early childhood education programs utilize playing to integrate learning. It is encouraged to prepare children for their compulsory formal education at primary or elementary school.

At a pre-school, children learn through enjoying, experimenting and playing. The role of their teachers is to find and direct the children to learn and find out their interests. Children enrolled at pre-schools acquire knowledge on solving simple problems, developing communication and social skills, and building their self-esteem.

Some other activities children do in a preschool include but are not limited to painting and drawing, singing, dancing, playing, reading books and listening to stories, solving puzzles, playing with clay or blocks, dressing up, and using computers.

Lifelong Learning with Pegasus International School

Pegasus International School, an international pre-school Singapore, is ready to help your child discover the uniqueness within them through an inquiry-based learning system. The school allows students to explore and build self-understanding through self-inquiries. This holistic approach stems from the fact that kids are naturally creative thinkers and that their curiosity leads them to better understanding things and their surroundings.

The learning curriculum facilitates learning through exciting and collaborative activities which encourage the children’s creative and critical thinking skills. It is systematized to nurture their foundations which later on develops their self-esteem and strengthens their social awareness. Pegasus International Pre-School Singapore, a kindergarten near me, strives to provide a quality early childhood atmosphere that is conducive for young learners. It aims to give its primary stakeholder, the children, an environment where they would feel safe and comfortable.