CBSE OR ICSE Which one is the best educational board for the future


Parents always try to give their best to children. They also dream that their children get as much from the world, whether wealth or knowledge. Children decision-making skills start from the school, and parents want to build their base very strong. A school board plays a vital role in shaping every child’s career. All the schools in Mumbai follow any one of the curriculam among ICSE, CBSE, SSC, ¬†other state and national-level board education. The two main boards of education are CBSE and ICSE. Most of the parents get perplexed about whether they should educate their children in ICSE or CBSE? Which board will give the best education to their children? So, here are some suggestions about the ICSE and CBSE boards.

What is the ICSE board?

ICSE school in Navi Mumbai for 11 th& 12this mainly focused towards Olympiads and international exams. It is the unique choice for those who aim to study abroad at some point in their life in a reputed university. Candidates who opt for ICSE have to learn six subjects, with English compulsory. ICSE gives equal importance to all the themes like arts, english and science,

What is CBSE?

The syllabus and scope of content make CBSE different from the ICSE. The academic textbooks and lessons recommended in the CBSE board are framed based on various nationwide competitive exams like JEE, NEET, AIEE and others. CBSE board school also extends to grades 11 and 12, so it is convenient for those who wants to learn insame board even after class 10.If you are confused about choosing between ICSE and CBSE, the answer depends on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. ICSE is English only, whereas, in CBSE, your child can learn both in Hindi and English.

Different range of subjects

If your ward is eager to learn and his brain is constantly thinking, then ICSE is the best choice for them. Generally it offers various languages such as English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and other languages.The good ICSE schools in Mumbai even includes creative subjects like fashion design, visual arts and home science.

Difficulty level

ICSE syllabus somehow stuff than CBSE. It is because the ICSE syllabus has many internal assessments and practical lessons. ICSE provides a high level of learning because the exams are somehow challenging to clear. If you consider that clarity and depth of knowledge of your child, then ICSE is the best choice for them.

Private Candidature and mentorships

ICSE exclusive students alone allowed appearing for the ICSE exams. On the other hand, the CBSE board allows students from various boards to join the curriculum. If a student wants to change their board in the middle of the year, CBSE allows them to enter whereas it is not possible in ICSE.

Bottom line:

Hence these are some of the main differences of these two educational boards. Its parent’s responsibility to read and research before choosing the best board for your children future.