Why Is English The Most Crucial And Commonly Used Language?


Language is the structured medium of communication. English is one language used by people to communicate globally, directly or indirectly. English is a universal language used to connect with different countries for international trade, science, technology, business meetings, or communication. By English learning, higher education can be gained. Primarily the study materials in all the subjects, such as science, medicine, or engineering, are available in English only. This language brings people from diverse cultures together and closer.

English has been widely used at all administrative levels in states and the center. Also, English is used at official levels, such as the judiciary, parliamentary proceedings, and communication. In addition to it, English welcomes several career opportunities for youngsters to pursue. The job market is global, and people with better English vocabulary are highly held as they bring in better communication skills and are more open to the outer world. Hence, people who have a grip on English can also access and enjoy numerous online and offline resources.

Education is one field where using English as a medium is a compulsion. Schools must give special attention to nurturing this language within their students to brighten their future and make life easier. When students step towards higher education, they seek to find the best college.

Students also settle abroad to gain an education from an international university. In such conditions, it is imperative to know English to communicate with foreigners and understand their language. Without knowing English, no one can pursue studies abroad as this is the only common language used to communicate and teach by professors in foreign universities.

Once the students complete their education, the need for the right job pops up. During this phase, they go through various interviews and other job processes, which can be cleared confidently if English is used as a communication medium.

In case one has yet to be taught English at school. They need not worry. There are several other ways to practice English, learn English and write English these days. Several English coaching centers are executed to teach English speaking and writing skills. People can also hire personal tutors who can guide them in English in the most efficient way possible.

Apart from these offline ways, a person can also opt for online English classes, as some e-learning platforms help them with the same. Tutors teach English through live or recorded video calls through the internet, and the learner can access them by paying accordingly.

With the help of technology, various applications have also been invented that help people learn English from the comfort of their rooms. All that one needs is to download a suitable app and sign up for free. Furthermore, various pdfs, presentations, and documents are provided to learn English in a better way. These applications also make learning fun through games, quizzes, and competitions to raise the learners’ passion for learning.