Virtual Event & Activity Ideas for Off-Campus Engagement


If you’re looking for some off-campus engagement ideas, then this blog post is for you. We’ll be sharing a few virtual event and activity ideas that are perfect for the on-the-go student.

1.     Post a Group Video Lesson

Use this time to share your talents or share your knowledge! Invite group members to record and upload their own instructional videos to share something they care about with the community. Make a quick tutorial of your best recipe, workout session, or guitar lesson and share it with your pals on the group feed.

Need more inspiration? Teach self-defense strategies, make a time-lapse video creating a piece of artwork, perform your senior piano recital or put together a 3-minute PowerPoint presentation on your favorite topic (black holes, anyone?) Create a library of enriching videos for members to add to and access at any time!

2.      TikTok Competition

Competitions have been a hit on TikTok for some time now! Group members will love to get in on the fun and create their own lip sync videos, dance routines, funny skits, or anything else they can share with a creative edge. Everyone wins when there’s a prize on the line. Throw a best-dressed contest, lip dub battle, or style-yourself selfie college! Just make sure you have some prizes lined up for the winning.

3.     Group Karaoke Night

Who doesn’t love a good group karaoke night? Invite your pals to throw on some of their favorite tracks and record themselves singing along. Then, host a virtual party on the group feed! Build a playlist of karaoke songs and share it with your friends so that they can add them to their videos on TikTok. Let the singing commence!

Learn more: Virtual tour companies also engage in providing interactive virtual events. So in case you are interested in such events, you can collaborate with them for your campuses.

4.      Group Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo scavenger hunts have been a hit on the TikTok Explore page recently. Add some group selfies to your feed by setting up a quick picture challenge with your friends! Give everyone 20 seconds to snap a shot of themselves in front of something specific (like that one blue wall downtown). Then, host the best face-off on the group feed while everyone wraps up their photos!

5.     Virtual Trivia Contest

Do you know your friends best? Put it to the test with a virtual trivia contest! Host a round of multiple-choice questions for your members and see who can prove their smarty-pants status! The friend who answers the most questions correctly (and don’t forget bonus points for speed!) wins bragging rights. Just make sure you have some prizes lined up for the winner.

The more creative and innovative your off-campus engagement program is, the better chance you have of connecting with a new audience. These events are best when Replacing Cancelled Events with Virtual Experiences. We hope these event ideas will inspire you to take action!