Additional Maths Tuition in Singapore – 4 Key Traits To Look For In A Maths Tutor


Every student will encounter difficulties inside their classroom, especially with subjects—such as maths and science. Thus some students are looking for SEC 3 A math or O-level science tuition in their area.

If you are looking for the best maths tuition centre, it’s essential to know the pool of tutors that they may have. As a student, you should also need to figure out the ideal traits that make up an excellent tutor, especially for such complicated subjects—such as maths. If you decided to look for an O level maths tuition in Singapore, here are some traits to look out for in a maths tutor:

A strong passion for teaching

One thing you should look for in a tutor is to see if they are passionate towards teaching maths. A tutor must be a teacher with a strong love for teaching, especially for young learners. Understand that tutoring is essentially about passing what one knows to another to help them understand complicated matters about the subject. A passionate tutor can help drive positive results!

Engaging teacher

An ideal tutor must be engaging in their teaching style. For a tutor to be like this, they need to be confident, reflective and knowledgeable in what they are teaching. An engaging tutor can make you feel intrigued and curious to learn more. Not all students are capable of maintaining their attention for more than 15 to 30 minutes, which is why being engaging is a must-have trait for a tutor. It is a key trait for tutors, especially if you are looking for additional maths tuition in Singapore.

Flexible schedule and teaching

Another key trait you should look for in a tutor is flexibility. Are they flexible with given schedules and teaching approaches? When students have difficulties learning concepts along the way, flexible tutors know how to adapt their method and approach to cater to the student. A tutor will come up with different ways to find what works for a student instead of blaming them for shortcomings.

They are a motivator

Finding an O-level or SEC 3 A math tutor is easy. But finding the right one that will motivate you to learn and overcome the obstacles in learning can be difficult. A good tutor must also be a motivator that will help students feel inspired and motivated to improve more, apart from stirring their curiosity.

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