Attending The Best Preschool – How To Prepare A Child?


Preparing your child for their first day of attending the best preschool in Singapore can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for parents. To help ease your worries and make the transition as smooth as possible, here are five listicles on how to prepare your child for their first day of preschool in Singapore.

1. Get To Know The Preschool And Its Staff

Visit the preschool before the first day and introduce your child to the teachers and staff. It would also be best to ask the preschool in Singapore about their daily schedule and routines. You better not forget to find out what type of curriculum the preschool follows and how it aligns with your child’s learning style.

2. Prepare Your Child Emotionally

Talk to your child about what to expect on their first day of preschool. You may also read books about going to school or being away from home so they will gain ideas about what they should expect.

Inform your child that feeling scared or excited about the first day is normal. Remind your child how much you love them, and you will pick them up after school. That is how you should show your childcare for your child in Singapore.

3. Get Your Child Ready For The Day

Let your child practice self-help skills, such as dressing up alone, using the bathroom, and washing their hands. Ensure to pack a healthy lunch and snacks for your child. Label your child’s belongings, including clothes, shoes, and school supplies.

4. Establish A Routine

Before enrolling your child in any preschool centres, you should help your child establish a routine. Start getting your child on a schedule a few weeks before the first day of preschool. Wake up at the same time every day, and have regular mealtimes and nap times. Practise getting ready in the morning, including brushing their teeth and hair.

5. Encourage Independence

Give your child small tasks to do around the house, such as picking up toys or setting the table. Allow your child to make simple choices, such as what to wear or eat. Doing so should help encourage your child to use their imagination and play independently.

Remember that every child is different and that it’s okay if the transition takes a little longer for some children. Always be there to support your child as they navigate this exciting new chapter of their life.

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