How Can Parents Motivate Their Kids When Attending Enrichment Classes?


As children go to school, they are more pressured to study well and achieve high grades. But behind this, it requires parental support and constant motivation from the people around them. Children tend to absorb the things they hear from their environment, so hearing negative comments can affect their self-esteem. So, when enrolling your children in enrichment classes in Singapore, you must learn how to support them and bring out the best in them.

Remember, parents actively supporting their children can make them feel more supported. For this reason, they can focus on their school and yield positive results. And this beautiful childhood will make them better people.

How Can Parents Motivate Their Kids When Attending Enrichment Classes?

Children also feel pressure and insecurity when attending a class, especially if the parents compare them with their classmates with better grades. Constant comparison will diminish their self-confidence, and in return, it can affect their performance at school. As a parent, you must avoid this and let them feel that they are doing good.

As a parent, here are the five ways to motivate your children when attending enrichment classes in Singapore for a better educational journey.

1) Have Some Rest Days

People have the concept that Asian culture puts too much emphasis on education. If you have watched K-dramas, you can see how competitive the schools are for the students. Although they can get good grades by studying hard, their mental health can be at stake to get high remarks.

As a parent, you must provide rest days like watching movies, playing games, and going to the park. It can minimise stress, and they may be more productive learning with the Heguru method.

2) Be Okay With Mistakes

Anyone can make mistakes regardless of their age. So, as a parent, be okay with errors because they can also be a source of learning. If, for instance, your kid has a failing grade, you can tell them to bounce back and change their study routine. Help them find a more practical approach to Heguru education.

3) Focus On Learnings, Not On Grades

Heguru in Singapore is an effective way to train the right brain. For this reason, it’s essential to focus on learning rather than grades. Although grades can reflect the kid’s understanding, it’s better to focus on the learning journey to appreciate the educational process.

4) Show Your Trust

Children want to feel that their parents also trust them when attending enrichment classes in Singapore. Let them know that you fully trust they can learn from their educational journey. You can give them authority when answering homework questions and school activities. But provide enough adequate support.

5) Establish An Open Communication

You can also establish open communication so your children will be more open about their experience regarding the Heguru education. They can share their problems and tell you they need your help. After all, they are still children, and they need adult supervision.

Give your children a well-rounded education from Heguru Method, where you can enrol in enrichment classes in Singapore. You can also visit their website to learn more about Heguru education.