5 Tips for Choosing the Right Kindergarten Program


Finding the ‘right’ school for your children can make mistakes along the way that can affect your children’s educational journey. Parents think the more famous or expensive a school is, the more likely it is to be competitive. But there are more things you need to consider when looking for the best kindergarten in Singapore.

So, here are some tips for choosing a kindergarten program to give your children a good start.

1. Learn About the School Community

Making friends with other people is also part of the learning process. So, learn more about the school community if it is inclusive and diverse. A more diversified environment will expose your children to different people. They can also know the importance of respecting one’s differences while attending kindergarten in Jurong.

2. Look for Passionate Teachers

The best childcare in Singapore has passionate teachers. They know how to treat students and bring out the best in them. Teachers are the second parents, so look for qualified professionals who will guide your children.

3. Ask About the Class Size

When looking for a Kindergarten in Ang Mo Kio, ask about the class size because there is an appropriate proportion between the teacher and the number of students. For instance, one teacher for every 20 to 30 students per class is a good proportion.

4. Check the Extracurricular Activities

Another thing to check is the extracurricular activities. Remember, learning does not mean reading a book all day long. Children can also learn through sports activities or field trips. So, check if they have other programs in the kindergarten in Toa Payoh.

5. Visit the School Personally

Most importantly, you visit the school personally to inspect the surroundings and the environment. On top of this, you will get to check the surroundings around the school. You can determine whether the school is safe and accessible from your home.

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