Foundation Plays An Important Path In Child’s Overall Growth


“To make a sand building still in a storm requires a great foundation, if the foundation is not great then a building can fall in a storm” we have heard this proverb many times in our lives. But we never thought it could apply to the kids in our family. We tend to think education is important when our kids clear academics and start preparing for the 10th grade. But we always forget that education is important since their tender age. As they grow up this is the time they tend to grasp faster. It also helps them to find and explore their hobbies,

Even during this pandemic, you can help kids in your families to evolve. As technology has risen you can take full advantage of various features it provides such as kids learning app. Such apps can help in various ways even during this pandemic time for kids. There are several features provided by learning apps so that you can fill the void of kindergarten and make their foundation strong even at your home.

Even as children, we were fascinated by bedtime stories. As we used to listen to various kinds of stories, we always visualized how the story would end in our minds. In the same way, when kids in our families will listen to stories it will help them to be more creative as well as be more of a visual thinker. We used to always think that stories aren’t that important but it holds significant value and also helps in learning.

As stories have always helped us in being creative as well as visual thinkers, moral stories are also taught as various lessons that can be also helpful in our lives. Such kids’ apps do consist of various stories that can be listened to during the daytime or even during bedtime.

As we all know during kindergarten stories and rhymes are taught the most. We saw how stories are important. But nursery rhymes are also important in a kid’s journey to kindergarten. Rhymes can help kids as they also have various advantages:-

  1. Communication and Speech Development:-

As every rhyme has different words to rhyme the sentence. Different rhymes would teach them different words as it would help them in communication as well as will improve the vocabulary of the kids.

  1. Numeric Skills:-

As rhymes help improve the vocabulary it also helps to teach numerics to students. Rhymes such as “Five Currant Buns” can help kids learn numerically too.

As these are a few mentioned advantages of rhymes and to mention a few more it also helps them to build confidence from a young age as they speak rhymes. There are more advantages that help students to have a stronger foundation from a young age. All such features are available in kids learning apps. So you can download it and give your younger one a stronger foundation as well as a better future.