Complementary Programs You Need As A Student


Besides being a good student and getting involved in academic activities, it is necessary to invest in other languages, professional internships, and training courses like data science course in Bangalore that contribute to your professional training.

  1. Monitoring

Studious students who want to be more involved with their college can bet on tutoring grants. In monitoring, you get closer to the teachers. You can help colleagues from other periods in the discipline – which is a different way of learning and helps develop your communication skills and fix learning.

This is one of the easiest complimentary activities to fit into your study routine since monitoring occurs within the faculties. The workload tends to be flexible to adapt to the student’s other academic commitments.

  1. Exchange

Cultural exchange is one of the most interesting activities for those who want to increase the curriculum, be fluent in a second language, and get to know a new culture. It is not for nothing that recruiters highly evaluate the experience in another country.

The international experience contributes to maturity and is an excellent complementary activity for those who are in college. If possible, give preference to academic exchange programs between universities to have the opportunity to study abroad. If you are struggling to pay, there are also exchange options to work with, which help you finance the trip.

  1. Language Course

Currently, being proficient in a second language is an excellent investment for anyone looking to pursue a successful professional career. With the increasing presence of large multinationals in Brazil and the internationalization of our companies, good fluency in English or Spanish is a prerequisite for suitable positions in many companies.

Many universities offer language courses as complementary activities, and there are also digital platforms that offer free courses for those who wish to learn a new language.

  1. Volunteering

Volunteering in social projects is a good way to contribute to your community and do good for others. In addition to promoting personal fulfillment, volunteer work is highly rated in the professional curriculum.

To get involved in complementary volunteer activities, find a project or a social cause important to you. In general, social projects are always open to receive people interested in becoming volunteers.

Although volunteering activities are not always related to the profession you will practice when you graduate; recruiters guarantee that experience is essential for young professionals’ social and cultural formation.

These seven complementary activities are of great importance for your personal, social and professional training. Before choosing one of these complementary activities or even applying for an internship or exchange, seek the coordination of your undergraduate course to find out about your responsibilities with the college.

Complementary activities such as internship, tutoring, scientific initiation, and junior companies can count towards the credits needed to graduate in many courses. To highlight your curriculum amid an increasingly competitive job market, it is worth investing in your professional training and making the most college period to prepare.

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