Basic Rules of Creating MLA Works Cited Page



Works cited page in MLA is the list of all the sources that were used for writing the paper. The information that was borrowed from any reading must be supported by the proper in-text citation. According to MLA requirements, it is the last name of the author of the source and exact page number where the corresponding information may be found. You may include either direct quotes or paraphrased citations; anyway, the source of the information must be mentioned to avoid plagiarism.

There are several types of sources that may be used for writing a paper. The most common are:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Electronic sources

General Requirements

The basic requirements for MLA works cited page are as follows:

  1. The list of all the sources must be present on the separate page, after the text of the paper;
  2. The page must be labeled as Works Cited (centered, bold, standard capitalization);
  3. All the readings must be listed in alphabetic number (according to the authors’ last names);
  4. A hanging indent must be applied;
  5. Include the location of the online source you used (the direct link);
  6. All the words in the titles of the sources must begin with a capital letter except for articles and prepositions;
  7. Add a period at the end of every bibliography entry.